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Im planning to buy a dobsonian in the near future, but wondering which is safer to go with

Orion 8" or Zhumell. The Zhumell looks like its constructed well, and with all

the extra's makes me wonder if they put a lesser quality mirror or something. So is the higher price

difference, without the extra's on the Orion, just because of the name?

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Your going to be happy I think with either one. Zhumell advertises (or use to) 1/12 wave P/V mirrors, so I wouldn't be concerned with the optics.I know for a fact, after reading many reviews of them online, they are darn good scopes for the money. The Orion has one up on the Zhumell by offering the pricier Intelliscope, but if your simply going for the dob, well thats a close one. I personally own the Orion XT6i and think its fantastic. Orion also has consistently good customer service. The Z8 ($379) you get the laser collimator, 8x50 finder, and a cooling fan for $50 more then the Orion ($329). I'm not a fan of those red-dot finders, and its certainly helpful to have the laser collimator, those run $50+ themselves.

The Orion is less expensive right off the bat then the Z8 as you can see, but you are getting a few extras in there with the Z8.

I'm sure the Z8 fellas will chime in. My opinion, you can't go wrong with either choice.

Thanks for the advice... What do you think about the collimator springs with Zhumell. Some of the discussions

are that there not hefty enough?

I personally own the Z8 dob and I love it! I have never had a bad experience with zhumell. I did replace the primary mirror springs with heavy duty springs and they work great. I rarely have to re-collimate now.

Also the lazer collimator works well and is a breeze to use...

I own a Z8 and I am very happy with it.  I have had it for over a year and it works great.  I need to collimate it every two uses but it is not hard to do.  I found a "how to collimate the Z" on youtube that helped me.  I also purchased the Telrad and a set of lenses from and they to do the job.

I love my Z12, get one. You will love it!

I purchased the Z10. I have not had the opportunity to give it a fair test due to the inclement weather we have had this winter in my part of the country. I have had the opportunity to use it a few times however.From all the information I have read on line, and the research I have done, the two scopes, Orion or Zhumell are of equal quality. The Z10 gives you a better value for the money because of all the freebys they offer.  As for the collimater springs, I think they would be a good investment if you plan to move the scope around a lot.  It does go out of collimation frequently due to the jarring around it gets from setting it up and break down.  I would suggest the Telrad as a good add on also.  The finder scope furnished with the OTR is not exactly a breeze to use.   I would suggest going with the Bader Planetarium Hyperion eyepieces rather than spending the money on  Tele View.  There is not enough signifficent difference between the two to warrant spending the extra cash, unless you have deep pockets and are rolling in dough. All said and done, I am happy with my choice.
Hello, Dennis, I am hearing the Badder Eyepieces , compared to the Nagler Tele -Vue regularly.   the usual reason is that they are good and less money than the Tele-vue is your opionion based on a cost / for results   ratio?   I am looking at 31mm to 40mm  wide view eyes, the Badder are an unknown to me ... Iam not Cheap , Just Thrifty. What say you ....Steve
Hey Steve!
I own a couple of the Baader Hyperion eyepieces, the 13mm and 21mm.  I really do like them!  I've never had opportunity to look thru any TV Naglers.  But I would image if put side by side the TV Naglers would win.  But for the price of the Hyperions I think they are a very good quality eyepiece.
Just my thoughts.
Glad to hear it! Clear skies.



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